Get Your Green Box

Before the Green Box Revolution, Jeni and I were constantly waiting for some next-big-fix financially. For example, every year I would hope the scrubbing power of a tax refund would be able to erase the financial graffiti from the rest of the year.

As I share the Green Box with other people I find more and more people out there just like me. Waiting for that future fix to solve the financial breakdown of life. Some are dealing with the sorrow of a beloved relative who passed away, but at the same time hoping their sorrow will be squelched by the deceased leaving some money behind to fix their financial woes. Others are hoping for some job change and promotion for either themselves or their spouse, but the change in income never ends up being quite enough to solve it all. I have seen others cashing in on the sale of stocks, precious metals, bonds, or the early withdrawal of retirement funds, assuming the one time inflow of money could produce a cure for the injuries they had inflicted upon their families financial health.

Don’t get me wrong. I have done many of these myself. I know exactly how it feels to hope for the cure. What I found is that each time the band aid fix only proved I had a deeper wound to heal.

I had tried the popular church based financial programs, but discovered it is a lot like a diet. While I was sitting in the class each week, the principles were easy to follow and exciting to apply to my budget and habits. But once the class ended, just like a diet, the scale tipped farther and I was worse off than before. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with the programs, its just that I needed the ongoing support of the system and community.

That’s where the Green Box paid off for Jeni and I. We were able to begin to see success financially, not just because of some fancier explanation of how to budget, but because we finally could see the whole picture of the defense, offense, and playing field of our finances, and we were tied to a community of like-minded people that were encouraging and helpful in making progress toward our financial goals.

That’s the Green Box Revolution! Is what you are doing today going to get you where you want to be? Time for a change? What will five years from now look like if you don’t change? ¬†Join me in the Green Box Revolution!

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